Greek Island essential oil blend - timeless and tranquil

The latest edition to the Scentcillo aromatic wardrobe is our Greek Island essential oil blend.

The Greek Islands are a place where the lifestyle follows the rhythms of nature, where things are meant to be enjoyed and savoured with no time constraints - it's a mindful, relaxed way of living.

Scentcillo Greek Island essential oil blend

Greek Island blend contains fresh, herbaceous scents of sweet marjoram and clary sage dispersed with green floral and citrus notes of neroli and bergamot, underpinned by a woody, balsamic and resinous base.

This is a fresh, joyful, expansive scent reminiscent of the smellscapes of the Mediterranean isles.

When and where to use

A fresh, clean fragrance to synergise with warm weather or to give a languorous, expansive atmosphere to your surroundings.

Complements a contemporary d├ęcor or a space close to the ocean.

Drawing from the style of Mediterranean interiors, this blend can be used in a space with all-white interiors that's decorated with accent pieces of a similar colour palette. The light and refreshing aroma of this blend can add touches of aromatic colour and emphasise the spacious flow of an all-white environment.

"...the feel of a place takes longer to acquire. It is made up of experiences, mostly fleeting and undramatic, repeated day after day and over a span of years. It is a unique blend of sights, sounds and smells, a unique harmony of natural and artificial rhythms." Y.F. Tuan

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