Welcome to Scentcillo

Scents have the potential to be immediately evocative, emotional and meaningful. They have the ability to mold our intangible sense of the transformation of a house into a home or a sense of place. Style isn't only about the way a room looks. Don't underestimate the role scent can play in the design of your space.

Heighten your experience of scent, enhance your living environment and enrich and expand your lifestyle with Scentcillo hand blended essential oil diffuser blends. Create your own atmosphere using scent-scaping with the lush botanical aromas of essential oils as part of your daily aromatic ritual.

Our quality blends infuse and style your interior with a sensory ambience in your home or workplace.

Our range of essential oil vaporiser blends draws its inspiration from our world's culture, the various aromas evoking a mood, memory or the spirit associated with it - in essence an olfactory journey transporting you to a particular time or place.

Use scent as a language to create and communicate your own story, let it give meaning and purpose in the design of your space.